Monday, May 22, 2006

A producer calls

What do detectives do?

Yeah, I know: they put away the bad guys, right?

But that's not really what I mean.

What I'm asking is: what do detectives do?

I'll tell you: they watch TV, that's what detectives do.

A "predatory paedophile", a "serial sex offender of the worst
kind", rapes and sexually assaults young women and twelve year old
girls in a string of attacks spanning almost ten years and is only
brought to justice when the case is taken up by the BBC's
Crimewatch show

And guess what: the guy is under their noses all the time, in fact
he's one of their own, a prison officer who uses his uniform as an
emblem of trust to lure his victims into his clutches.

Sometimes he even pretends he's a police officer.

For ten years he gets away with this.

My point is elementary, dear Watson: if you're a victim of crime
don't waste time calling the cops; cut out the middleman...

Call the BBC.

Click here for the story by Reuters

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