Thursday, May 25, 2006

Go, Go Tony, Go Go Go!

Tony Blair is now in a position where he desperately needs opposition support to pass legislation, a political analyst has told Sky TV.

His flagship schools reform bill was passed at its third reading by a huge majority of 324; but only thanks to the Conservatives.

Philip Cowley of Nottingham University said: “That is a terrible position for a Prime Minister of any party to find himself in.”

An opinion poll by the Guardian and ICM showed current support for the Conservative party standing at 38%, just four points below Labour.

And Blair’s position within his party continues to disintegrate following disastrous local election results and scandalous revelations of sleaze, malpractice and ministerial incompetence.

Labour parliamentarian Ian Davidson told Reuters that, while the PM “has been a great vote winner in the past… the reverse is now true”.

“Part of our current unpopularity is a widespread feeling that his shelf life is over,” he said.

How long can this fiasco continue?

Blair must stand aside; not in mid-2007, as many expect, but now, before the Conservatives gain an unbreakable hold on popular opinion.

Reuters: pension age to rise.

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