Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The four Johns

There is suspicion in some quarters that the Labour Party is grooming John Reid for the deputyship.

That’s a job I wouldn’t wish on Satan (although he’d probably be more than well suited for it, if he existed).

Some would compare Reid with the current holder of the poisoned chalice, John Prescott; others say it’s an injustice to mention them both in the same breath.

As for myself, well, I couldn’t possibly comment.

An acquaintance, who knows slightly less about politics than my daughter (aged 6) knows about John Locke, remarked that Reid is “pure John Bull”.

He was unmoved when I reminded him that the gentleman is a Scot.

Enough with the “Johns” already; bring on the dancing girls…

Margaret Beckett for P.M. anyone?

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